Bassingbourn Village College

The Second World War delayed the village college programme so Bassingbourn did not open until 1954.

The 22 acre village college site was opened by Chancellor of the Exchequer ‘Rab’ Butler.  In his speech Mr Butler described the village college system as “this great experiment”. He also acknowledged how the village college programme had greatly influenced the hugely important 1944 Education Act. The Act was developed to give all children an equal and fair start in life. It committed to providing every child in the country with a free secondary education. Up to that point this was not guaranteed across the country. Cambridgeshire had led the way and influenced the Education Act that helped reshape postwar society in Britain.

During research for this project we were delighted to come across the original Bassingbourn Village College school song that we think hasn’t been heard for half a century!

Bassingbourn Village College

Bassingbourn Village College Archives

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